North Dakota Football 12

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Solid Singles of 2012

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  • Awesome job coach.  Have a great summer with your training.

  • Thank you guys for the comments, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Great form Coach, some of the best form I've seen in a college setting!

  • Really good stuff Nate. Great job.
  • Best technique I've seen in a college room. Looks like belong with Glenn at California Strength when their football days are done.

    Congrats coach. That's well done.

  • Nice job as always Nate, see you in a couple weeks.

  • LOVE IT!!!  You can tell these kids have been coached well and love to train


  • This is probably one of, if not the best videos on this site. There must be some outstanding coaching in that program. Great job!

  • I like it.  Good luck in the Big Sky

  • Great Job Coach, very impressed with the technique that your guys are using, you done see that too often. You and you staff, as well as your players are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

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