Ohio State Football: Gatorade Fuel Bar Tour w/ Sports Dietitian Sarah Wick

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When Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus, Ohio....the newly signed Ohio State Buckeyes' Head Football Coach set out to arrange his first hire... a strength coach named Mickey Marotti. Yet, Meyer wanted more than a strength coach this go round. He had a vision for Marotti to become an all encompassing element to the Buckeye machine. Meyer and Marotti had previous ties at the University of Florida.... Notre Dame and other circumstances, too. Now, Coach Mick would become Ohio State's Asst AD for Football Sports Performance and take on a huge role that groups the Sports Medicine, OSU equipment, strength training, conditioning, speed training, psychology of training, and an aspect that had to a degree been somewhat overlooked.... sports nutrition.Enter Ohio State Football Sports Dietitian Sarah Wick. She can be seen practically everywhere at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, a sprawling crown jewel that is the training center home to the Buckeye football squad..... that is, when they are not playing in front of 104,000 fans at Ohio Stadium which is just down the street on the banks of the Olentangy River. She's there, too, on game day.... walking the sidelines during both pre-game activities and the actual contest....making sure that the players are fueled properly for optimal performance. Sarah plans the meals, the snacks, the recovery nutrition, the smoothies...the proteins.In our video, Wick gives ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power a tour of the new Gatorade Fuel Bar. It's a state of the art nutritional center that will propel Ohio State's football program to higher levels. She also takes time and demonstrates how to make a hydration drink that can help Buckeye football stars or any athlete to replenish body weight, electrolytes and add some anti-inflammatory properties for any athlete in training.Somewhere, Coach Hayes is smiling!

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