Ohio State Football Strength Coaching Segment with Coach Jeff Uhlenhake

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Retired Cincinnati Bengals' strength and conditioning coach Kim Wood has been talking and coaching it for years now...."prepare players for the stresses and rigors of a violent game." And today, at places like Michigan State and Ohio State, strength staffs have heard Wood's message and are implementing the lesson of "protecting the players from serious injury."Michigan State's Strength Coach, Ken Mannie, has 8 state-of-the-art 5-way Pendulum neck machines for targeting the neck region, Eastern Michigan University is recording data with the neck training that they are conducting and are examining the correlation of head and neck training and reduction of concussion occurrence.Ohio State's Assistant AD for Football Sports Performance, Mickey Marotti is also a leader in the strength training field and he has his strength staff on board with an "all in" mentality. Their using many direct and indirect methods to build head and neck strength..... just as Coach Kim Wood paved the way... with his training of NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz and the Cincinnati Bengals!Today's video is really a coaching clinic on direct training of the neck.... both manually and with a machine. ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power ventured up Interstate 71 Northbound to Columbus, Ohio for this one. The Ohio State University. The video is conducted with Jeff Uhlenhake, a former 1st Team All-America offensive lineman from Newark (Ohio) Catholic High School and of course, Ohio State University. He played 10 years in the National Football League (NFL) with Miami, New Orleans and Washington. Today, due to his extensive playing and coaching resume, he's become an integral part of the strength staff for the Buckeyes. Also assisting in the video is OSU Strength Intern Nick Savage, who also appeared in a previous ASAP Video.Also, click the Ohio State Strength for the details on their upcoming strength and conditioning clinic

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