Penn State Players Discuss New Strength Program

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We caught up with several Nittany Lions to ask about working with new strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald. Silas Redd, Mike Mauti, Jordan Hill and Matt McGloin give their thoughts.

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  • PSU finally done with HITT huh?  It will be interesting to see the results coach Fitz gets from the same players on a different program. 

  • it really comes down to the players you recruit.  if you have a DB out of HS that can jump 38 inches and run a 4.5(not that 40 times are indicators of a great football player by any means) and does not improve at all but stays the same, he'll still be faster than the kid under a great S&C program who improves his vertical jump from 31 to 36 and a 40 from a 4.9 to a 4.6

  • Some kids have never done any real lifting in high school. My teams have always followed the Big Three by Bill  Starr.  Some say any lifting is better than no lifting to a point that's correct, but training to failure leads to failure.Fitzgerald will do an awesome job and Penn State.

  • can someone explain a philosophy based program?  Mine is principle based. Still never heard someone explain a phil based program.

  • Why so much talk about an agenda and bfs?  Does anyone even know the old program?  I have the manual from when I was looking at colleges and considering PSU. It is in line with TUT. All machines, they thought that free weights opened them up to injuries. Leg press over squat. good program but not complete by todays standards. It was just outdated but these guys who are interviewed have seen other colleges and were fully aware that the program was very different than others.

  • Hybrid HIT programs dont do much good either....I wont name drop programs who do it, but their football teams struggle....some people just cant stick to a philosophy so put a little bit of everything in...start on the platform and do a good main lift, then go off and do machines or other to failure type training....


    You know wont surprise me if some folks (if not already) throw in Crossfit workouts for college football programs...which will be a sad day, that S&C has slipped so much into fads like that

  • Mark Campbell are you joking or just showing your ignorance?  Can you give some backing to your statement about BFS hurting football programs or players? And why would you assume its BFS just if they are doing free weights and OL?  95% of football teams in the country are doing OL based programs, probably very few are still doing HIT which is insanity.  Have you ever met someone from PSU that ended their season, and then went to a combine prep program and started doing OL and more traditional free weights?  Guys make tremendous gains in short amount of time... Its sad all the mess that has happened to PSU, but getting rid of HIT and getting Fitzie will be one of the biggest positive changes in PSU football history. Guys will get bigger, faster, more resilient to injury, and be more athletic in the next few years which will have a big impact on the program.  Ive met Fitzie on more than one occasion and he is an oustanding coach and a big hearted, charismatic human being.  He is going to be very influential in the future of PSU football.

    I will be shocked if any football coach is a big enough dunce to hire anyone from the old PSU HIT staff.  HIT sort of feels like an old fad that thankfully has died down a bit. 


    Yea PSU seems to recruit level headed kids, they knew how to get their point across that the old program was less than optimal without needing to bash it (better than I could have!). 

  • Tremendous hire by Penn State . Fitzgerald will take the Penn State program to a new level ! 

  • BFS ??? - not every program that uses free weights or cleans is a BFS program. To me, it sounds like a football strength and conditioning program which sounds good to me.

  • Where did you get the impression that they were doing the BFS program?  

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