Penn State Players Discuss New Strength Program

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We caught up with several Nittany Lions to ask about working with new strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald. Silas Redd, Mike Mauti, Jordan Hill and Matt McGloin give their thoughts.

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  • Interviewer definitely has an agenda

  • sounds like the interveiwers are triing to get the players to say that olympic lifting is better than what they did before. obviously the players didn't say that. they gave the politically correct answer and said it is different and they are excited. I feel sorry for them because it sounds like they are doing the BFS program which has ruined so many good programs and injured so many great players!!

  • Craig Fitzgerald is THE most important hire by far on the Penn State staff.  Great hire.  Listening to these players talk, two things stand out: #1, the coaches are educating them as much as coaching them to understand WHY squatting and cleaning is important, and #2 - All these players are very well spoken.   

    #3 - notice the bit that Silas Redd said about the coaches not rushing anything at the beginning, since the previous PSU was all leg press and no oly lifts?  GREAT TO HEAR.  Shows Fitzgerald and his staff know how to coach the form and progress the players accordingly, not simply rush into doing these complex lifts.  

    The new S&C program, assuming that Penn State maintains a strong coaching staff, which i have no reason to believe they haven't, will put them competing with the Wisconsin's and Ohio State's for next year.  Really interested to see how these players progress the next 2-3 years.

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