Plank to Quick Foot Taps In/Out #2

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As mentioned in the first plank video our goal was to make this exercise reactive to promote cell excitability, and stimulate the fasting twitch muscle fibers for quick movement in the various planes the basketball athlete moves as well as prepare for quick movements. With this new plank variation we are reinforcing that the athlete is in a neutral position, keeping the body straight. This exercise puts more emphasis on engaging the core musculature as well as the glutes. This particular series forces the athletes to maintain a tight core, keep balance, squeeze the glutes while working on a quick in/out movement working on the hips, as well as emphasizing the lateral quickness of each foot strike. It gets more difficult when the athletes has to process focusing on the quickness of the lower body as well as processing on signal when to sprint.

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  • Athletes a little fatigued - hips a little high,however, its good work.

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