Restoring a Championship Culture | Ep. 62 with Miami Hurricanes Strength Coach Dave Feeley

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Back in the day, the University of Miami Hurricanes were a dynasty and dominated college football for many years. But the last decade has brought many dark days. A year ago, they hired Manny Diaz to run the once-storied program and be the head coach. However, the man behind Manny Diaz that’s turning these young men into national championship-caliber players is a strength coach named Dave Feeley. Interestingly enough, Dave Feeley and I have a lot in common. We are both from Brick, NJ. We both played football for Coach Wolf. We both are in strength & conditioning. And we both LOVE turning people into champions. As someone who has mentored Dave now since his high school days, it’s incredible to see the IMPACT Coach Feeley is having on the university, the football program, and these athletes. Let’s go down to Coral Gables, FL, now after Coach Feeley just got done training his athletes. Buckle-up your boot-straps and get ready to get better. You’re going to get an inside look at what commitment, effort, drive, and sacrifice is needed to not only turn-around a program, but to turn it back into national prominence again. Enjoy the episode and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Tag me: @ToddDurkin

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