Shannon Sharpe Attempts "Strongman Hill"

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Shannon Sharpe Attempts "Strongman Hill" with Dwight Freeney, Antonio Cromartie and Keith Bulluck. Video referred to us by

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  • With a mile run for a warm up they were working on anaerobic energy system? Guys are so fatigued they are standing straight up letting the sledge hammer just fall into the tire, producing no power at all.  I wouldnt waste my time watching the video again but it showed some clips of weight room time and it was comical...this training is for clowns

  • Wow easy everyone. this was a video of a single workout. No one was talking about this being "the only way to train" or even memtioned periodization. just looks like they were tryin to switch things up and condition the anaerobic energy system. I'm positive there in the weight room hittin snatches and deadlifts too.

  • I must not be mentally tough.  I couldn't even watch the "fourth quarter" of the video.

  • Lots of people drinking Koolio Aid these days...athletes, "coaches" (or those who call themselves coaches), soccer moms, police/military/fire guys, you name it everyone is hanging out with Jim Jones...for those who do not get the Jim Jones or Kool Aid references google it :-)


    I agree training smart and training hard are two very different things unless you know someone who can properly program.  Seems like lots of workouts these days are geared towards socializing and ego boosting aspects....Id rather bury deep squats and heavy hang cleans in a dark dungeon gym where no one will ever know, or hit a lonely track doing sprint work or field skills, than go on youtube with butt slapping, cheerleader workouts like Im a frat boy high fiving all my I can sweat a lot, puke, and go tell my buddies how hard core I am.  And if they are not stupid enough to be pressured into the same silly workouts, call them names and mock them hah...


    Kids...Put the  toys away and go back to your platforms, racks, and the track...drill the simple stuff while aiming for self mastery and ditch all the cute Kool Aid stuff...

  • What's interesting is these professional athletes are drinking the cool aid. They have obviously heard the 'language' of fitness and are giving sound bites to make themselves feel like they understand/ are in control of their careers.

  • Reminds me of my summer jobs working construction. I got stronger and was paid 12.50 an hour to do so.

  • Training hard and training smart are two different about combine both together for real improvement.  This workout, although challenging (maybe) is not going to deliberately assist football performance.   

  • I forgot, if you feel like you need some MMA for your football training thrown in, Vlad "The Janitor" from the UFC trains all of Ken Vicks NFL and NHL guys, and makes the workouts pretty specific to football or hockey, not just a meatgrinder sesssion.  He adapts MMA techniques for lineman and LBs to use, and for hockey guys to use on the much more specific than just a gut check to make you tired...

  • Pretty lame workout...Im all for fun, strongman type stuff, but if these guys are training in LA near Santa Monica they would be much better off giving Ken Vick a call.  He actually knows how to program "functional training for football" which this was not...a mile run for a warm up? What a joke...wheelbarrel push and carrying sandbags? Almost looked like a poor version of Cultfit with similar mentality, make it "hard" and its good for you?  Where was the "core work" they were talking about? haha Comical....they look so tired standing straight up with the sledge hammer just letting it fall into the tire...


    Yea if you are a NFL guy spending off season time in LA, much better off giving Ken Vick a call to get some legit training, and he also has networks with great sports med contacts, nutrition and supplement, massage folks, etc. 

  • A great example of people confusing difficult with being good for you. This is just ego driven idiocy.

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