Single Arm Row to Single Arm Single Leg Dumbbell RDL to Single Arm Db Snatch

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Represented here is a new complex we were playing with over the last couple of weeks and Caleb decided to film it... This was one of our finishers, and Caleb was a little fatigued, however, he wanted to try this out -- therefore be easy on the critiques, as I thought he looked pretty good! With the Single Arm Rows, we decided to work using a DB to work on unilateral strength and asymmetrically to even out the ugliness that unbalanced bodies can produce if they aren't trained properly. With this exercise that athlete should have a straight back, head up (spine in alignment), glutes tight, proud chest and rib cage elevated, feet hip width apart... With this complex, the athlete has to focus on form, foot placement, transitioning into the Single Arm, Single Leg DB RDL, which is an excellent exercise and might be considered a lot safer than the standard double leg RDL. This is a great movement for the glutes and it requires a lot more stabilization from your core, back, and leg proprioceptors b/c you're inthe single leg position. Lastly, the athlete has to give everything he has in finishing the exercise powering and exploding into the single arm snatch. The athlete loves doing workouts with his shoes off...

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