The Reverse Band Bench in a team setting

Location: The Citadel
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Handle heavy loads and learn how to wedge with the Reverse Band Bench.

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  • We are seeing 115-120% of their estimated 1RM Bench with the athletes, and about 5% higher than that with our staff.  For the athletes, we script the warm ups and first 3 work sets, then let them find their next two work sets for x1-5 depending on the week.

    Modified 5-3-1:

    week 1 find a x5rm

    week 2 find a x3-5rm (beat the previous week)

    week 3 find a x1-3rm (beat the previous week)

  • How much overload, in terms of % over their max can you add and still finish reps?  In otherwords, what is the overload max with the 1" bands compared to regular 1RM?  


    Great stuff

  • Good stuff Coach. I like this application. I also like to use this type of lightened/overspeed/accelerated method for squats as well as accelerated jumps of all varieties (bilateral/unilateral, reactive, lunge jumps) especially closer to competition periods as we can more closely replicate movement velocities found in most sports.

  • Great stuff Coach!  Keep up the good work!

  • Nice video Donnell, boys are hitting some heavy benches.

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