Toledo Men's Basketball - Navy Seal Training

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Toledo Men's Basketball - Navy Seal Training Music is not our own. Used for entertainment.

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  • These workouts aren't going to stop. Boneheads will continue to keep getting after such training methods of crossfit boot camps mma. It's sad to say that coaches have it in their philosophy that they will use crossfit or other nonsense to make athletes. I know of division 1 schools that utilize the wod of crossfit and that's their workout, yet they have degrees in exercise science and certifications in who knows what. Again this is all BS. Stop hiring people because of who they know and look for better qualified candidates.
  • Well said Clete.

  • Is this a Saturday Night Live skit joke or something? Has to be one of the silliest "S&C videos" Ive ever seen.  Someone please grab the little wanna be drill instructor, gve him a wedgie, and toss him in the lake....

    Im just pulling up a comment from a while back:

    As a community of professionals,can we please put an immediate stop to the "Navy SEAL" workouts?

    1) they are that in (somewhat insulting) name only.  Under no circumstance are they anything like what our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines go through.

    2) I find the title (and to some degree the concept) incredibly disrespectful to those who serve our country.  You are entitled to your own opinion.

    3)You are not a drill instructor -  you never will be.  You are supposed to be a educator.  If that is all you have in your bag of tricks, maybe YOU should be the one taking a hike.

    4)How are these "workouts" producing a better athlete?  You can keep your "team-building" answer.  BS.

    Clete McLeod,

    Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning

    Southern Illinois University

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