U Mary FB Power Clean Singles

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Leading up to max week, guys that were feeling good hit some new pr's. Testing next week.

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  • Great Job! Very nice

  • Awesome job Mike, you are doing amazing work with those boys!

  • That technique is awesome! Great job!

  • Impressive form on the player at the :50s mark. Thanks for posting, Coach!

  • aside from the fact that none of those were power cleans except maybe one.  and jumping is awful for your lower body during cleans, 

  • very good cleans - solid technique.  Keep up the great work with those men.

  • Appreciate the feedback from everyone.  I am not posting to show how strong we are but more so what we are doing and how we do it.  We have alot of work to do both in the weightroom and on the field in order to get to where we want to be.

  • Sound technique all around. Great job coach

  • Great job coach!  It is always great to see technically sound lifts!

  • Coach Evans, thanks for the kind words.  I have been here for two years now and we are getting better at our technique but still have work to do to improve.

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