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When the season is over, and the Ducks are removed from the court or the field, they don't take a break. Instead, they work year-round with one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, a man that spends the entire year helping athletes at the University of Oregon reach their full potential. For over 26 years, Jim Radcliffe has been the driving force behind many of the successes of Oregon athletics. An unsung hero of the Duck's sports programs, Coach Radcliffe is a leading expert and pioneer in the world of plyometrics and explosive weight training. He can be seen on the sidelines of every football game, but few fans would recognize him as the key component to the fast tempo and explosive style that all Duck sports programs have trademarked over recent years. Year-round, he runs, jumps, and lifts just as often as the student-athletes do, instructing newcomers and veterans alike. This video is a short profile of Oregon's very own sculptor of ideal athletes, demonstrating some of his coaching methods, his unique style, and the great respect his athletes have for him. This video was created in less than 12 hours for a one-week class (June 15-20, 2010) at the University of Oregon titled "J408: Working in Sports Media", a class which brought together both students and student athletes with an interest in media to give both a hands-on experience with creating a sports-related story. The class was instructed by Deb Morrison, Dan Morrison, Mark Blaine, and Rebecca Force, with guest lectures from famed Duck Alums Dan Fouts and Neil Everett. This video was created by the group of Nick Cody, Jasmin Holliday, Will Von Schlegell, and Jillian Kay, all students in the Journalism school at UO. Special thanks to Jim Radcliffe and Arthur Tolhurst for interviews, and thanks to Steve Pohl and James Harris for providing many of the highlight sports clips used during the video.

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