Vanderbilt Football 2 Minute Comp Drill Training Exercise

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Vanderbilt University strength and conditioning coach Gabe Teeple, teaches high school and college athletes (NCAA) the 2 minute comp drill. What would we call the 2 Minute Comp Drill and today?There were two minute drill what we do better be and we count it for 30 seconds transition into a pull up for 30 seconds pull up then 35 pound deadlift and then we change transition for 40 pound sledge hammer swing for up to 2 Minute Drill and I was asking for about two minute drill, even though its about of defenses because its using to get to win the game or put the game away. The big thing is just the you know you also see guys you know, touch your chairs. Well, touch your chairs kind of up and down and you kind of stand up like a vertical jump and you'll see late explosion and mid ribs get in. Techniques kind of up and down based on the how much we've been squatting things and then just kind of. This soon guys compete get off the grass because they can't give a __ a canon and as a team mates get out off a little bit and they could compete. So, you know the big things . There's this ons all the way out started from a hanging position,from up chin all over the bar. It would try and get give and use a retro __, the big guys are always given a hard time so we have hanging for 30 seconds. If you can't then once you get the port you cant doing more port to get of hanging for the rest of time. So, they are not you know, getting out totally they'll move in. I don't know, today we used a trap bar. No more reproaching, it was straightened bar a bit further since we did something __today, __a little back. Make sure you have a flat back, chest up, eyes up, and not bulky you know around the back and make sure you come all away up extended hips, extended torso all away to that account. We got to touch the floor. You know guys who want overhand like a chopping wood, busted wood up, but you know, in that day they're tried to use me __ and tried to shorten the stroke down. Obviously when were doing in our training, were gonna give a good full extension at the top and get fall through it but as soon as the guys are finished and pick the hammer up you know, for 30 seconds its pretty difficult and as you see the guys. It's kind of its more of a metal thing today than it was taking the day, kind a lot of technical day. So you guys push through it, and will not give up is a big thing also.

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