Vanderbilt University Kettlebell Swing Squat Press

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Vanderbilt University strength and conditioning coach John Sisk teaches the kettle ball swing squat press. ? It's kind of a combo movement. Obviously, we're getting a lower body little squat to get the swing, the hamstring exercise, little extension with the hips, a little triple extension there and you get a lot of grip strength with holding the kettlebell and you get a lot of core with the press and also holding the bell in front and you get them shoulder obviously we don't get really heavy since we're doing a lot of stuff throwing right now, so we are doing a lot of pounding the shoulders, a total_____. It's a great movement. It works a lot of flexibility and it works you know guys will ever get if you want some squatting you're a lot lower with the Kettlebell and squatting movement as with the barbel squat because it's a lot closer to the core. It's just, bend at the waist as much. There will be bending. It gives true squats and get hips do the little stuff. You know, you've got it. Good thing is you know, you get the good swing first. You get the bell going and get racking the bell, keeping it close to your body and if stronger guys, if you're doing a little bit of lot of building, kinda keep away from the body, work a little more to the core to further away, to take it away from the body, obviously the core is going to be taxed a little bit more and your grips strengths a little bit more. Obviously you want to inhale the weight down. You squat and exhale on the way up and you press. And it get lock and you want the bell over your head and push it out. You want it over your head like you shoulder press and instead of the bar you drop it again go back to your swing. Rack it. Take it down and press it. They would do three sets eight and they would probably ? some of them super set and they would probably take 30 seconds to 45 seconds based on how many bells they have out there today.?

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