WIU Baseball Block 2

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Baseball strength and conditioning

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  • Thanks Ted...And good to hear Casey, hopefully you'll be able to post it. I always enjoy seeing what other coaches are doing with their teams (and usually taking some of their stuff and using it in my programs haha). 

  • That's good to hear man. Keep up the good work. After my guys first phase they responded really well and were all hitting big numbers and just seemed a lot more energized after our first deload week. Our school media is putting together a video for our baseball team. I'll see what I can do to get it up for you guys.

  • Nice Job Joey, guys look good, also sick song choice in the Block 1 video, love it

  • Understand completely. I personally don't allow my players to count anything above parallel, but that's just my personal preference and philosophy. I was just seeing what your reasoning behind it was, It's one of those topics that can be argued back and forth for hours.

    How does your team look this year? Are they making good gains this fall?

  • Do you allow your players to high squat?

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