Strength Gathering - Zach EvenEsh, AJ Roberts, Diesel Crew, Joe Hashey

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Get Embed Code - These are clips from the day before Zach EvenEsh's and AJ Robert's seminar. Some of the crazier clips are going to show up on a Diesel Crew video down the road.Feats that went on, some in this video:- 150 lb Globe Snatch- 150 Lb Globe Db Press for 7- Dip Contest - up to 12 chains- Atlas stone lifts (and even some presses!)- Hub Lifts, up to a double hub and a clean.- Chain curls and presses.- Pinch Gripping- Anvil lifting - Pinching and by the horn- Globe DB Gripping with chains- Rolling thunder liftsMore that is slipping my mind, but it was a great time. Thanks to Zach for inviting me down, and thanks to Smitty over at the Diesel Crew!-Joe Hashey, CSCS-

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